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Connecting you to financial tools that you control
anywhere, at anytime- it’s never been easier.
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The Connecter
The Connecter is building a technology that provides consumers with a digital wallet that will be globally accessible where users will have 100% ownership over their digital assets.
Easy to use
Easy to use
We ensures a user-friendly experience, and accessible to everyone.
Pay with Low Fees
Pay with Low Fees
We enable borderless payments with minimal transaction costs.
Global Transactions
Global Transactions
Break free from delays, make transactions globally in seconds.
Privacy & Security
Privacy & Security
Advanced Security with MPC, Facial Biometrics, and Fingerprinting.
The Connecter
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The Connecter Payment
Experience the magic of instant transactions with The Connecter - a multichain non-custodial wallet.
Buy Top Cryptocurrencies with ease
Effortlessly acquire leading cryptocurrencies for a seamless experience
Advanced Security
Fortified with MPC technology, facial biometrics, and fingerprinting for comprehensive and secure protection.
Stable Currency Transactions
Transact in stable currencies, effortlessly converting to your local currency as needed.
100% Account Ownership
Always have access to and control over your funds.
Effortless Multi-Currency Mastery
Seamlessly exchange between various currencies, including BTC, ETH, USDC, and more.
In-Store Payments
Buy everyday items in stores by scanning a QR code
Convenient Withdrawals
Easily withdraw physical cash through diverse in-person methods, including seamless transfers to your bank account.
Responsive Help Desk Customer Support
Access prompt assistance and support through our responsive help desk, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
The Connector Mobile App
Remy Chukwunyere
Executive Director Ugwamba Leadership Center
"This partnership is a game-changer for African startups. The Connecter's innovative technology will help entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles they face, and the non-custodial wallet, will provide a secure and reliable way to manage their investments. We are proud to endorse and use The Connecter and are excited to see the impact it will have on the African startup ecosystem."
James Tarling
CEO & Founder Venture Ready
"For as long as I can remember, the web 3 community has been trying to move towards 'mass adoption', but the platforms we use remain clunky and difficult to use for the average person. In order to onboard the masses something needs to change. Web 3 dApps should be as easy and simple as the app we are used to using in web 2. The Connecter understands this completely and has created something incredibly straightforward. They are driving true innovation and adoption by making blockchain/DeFi elements 'invisible'."
Beyond Boundaries: The Connecter's Path Ahead
Each milestone is a commitment to innovation, security, and your financial empowerment
PHASE 1 ( Q3 2023)
Conception & Ideation
PHASE 2 ( Q4 2023)
Launching a research and development department for advanced blockchain, AI and DeFi Applications
PHASE 3 ( Q4 2023 - Q3 2024)
The Connecter V1 App
PHASE 4 ( Q4 2024 - Q1 2025)
The Connecter API for businesses and institutions
PHASE 5 ( Q2 2025 & Beyond)
The Connecter Ecosystem Growth